Friday, March 13, 2009

Normal 2 Never Again

The Words of Heaven Was Calling.
To Think i Was About To Let Go Forever. To Think Of The Word Goodbye Ashamed My Own Heart and Feelings deep Down Inside.
One Minute the Skies Lit Up the Whole World and The Magic Appeared in Smiles, Then from the 60 Seconds of Pure Joy You had Just Experienced the Clouds of unconditional silence mimics the Earth that Your Body Stands on Every Day. The Tears that Wendel down my Face for Hours and Hours at a Time. My fear of Even Loosing Myself Over Something That Just Stood 5 Feet And 6 Inches In front Of Me, Was Life Itself. The Joy Brought To Us All Was Because Of Him and The Appreciation of the Man He Was Himself and Still will Be to this Day.

Too Always And Forever Love Your Grandparents

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  1. love your saying