Monday, May 4, 2009

Time Lasts
As Long
As You
Feel It
Should Last.

the Outside
A Chaotic
Jump of Life

Me and Mandy...

... I'm Still Waiting

Why is it Never Enough Just To Live In peace.
Why won't It get Better in every pacing Day.
It's Now that We Pull and HATE.
But Were Never Satisfied With the outlook of Our Day.
I'm waiting Now for a Smile To Come appear Upon His Face.
They've all had Their Amazing Experience before...
But, will It ever get to Me,
Before It's to Late?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fathomlist: Impossible to see.

What is Writing?

Is it sharing your emotions?

Is it something you do to express who you are in Public?

Is it a problem spoken on a page?

Is it a feeling set free?

Why Write? Why Speak? Why talk? Why Breath?

It flows with happiness.

It's something that gets scattered across a face.
It's joy, and Fun It's something made for Me.


Thanks from inside.
Thanks from my heart.
Thanks for the faith that scattered a bright light from up above.
Denial wasn't an option
It was knowing that Life wasn't a mess.
An Unwilling lie,
from the beating in my chest.
And then,
Everything began again.
It was my life.

Just Making it Clear

You've inspired me.
You always seemed real cool.
You started to darken my sky with gray clouds and no light.
You make it clear who is your favorite.
You talk about giving a chance,
but you know,
Why don't you give us a chance?
I try to do my best,
but you always seem to put me down.
I try to be nice all the time but your remarks after,
are rude and unkind.
The one's that shouldn't be, are.
Do we not make your cut?
Do you think we are better then you?
I don't think I am.
I never feel like I belong
I'm a little glad Its gonna be over and I don't have to put up anymore.
It's just time to be fair.
I thought if I could write this down, then I would feel better.
I thought if i told you this, then it would be clearer.
If you understand, if you don't, its okay.
Don't try to change everything about me,
Like you are.
I'm not doing that to you.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I still live life, but theres always a time where I have to fight for myself.
I ask everyday for him to be him again.
I'm still curious...
Will it ever happen again?
I've never felt the way I've felt before,
untill something feels dead.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

how are you?..
Alot better now that your here...

Its amazing how litttle tiny compliments make your whole dayy magical.
Even though its only saying a little.. it cheers me up just cuz...
=P no one will ever know whyy=]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


You shelter me... I don't know why.
Who will shelter you?
Thats what makes me cry.

* Im not sure what to add on to this one... =}